Best Racket for Tennis Elbow

When it comes to the game of tennis there are a lot of things involved. Especially for beginners, you may begin to experience some difficulties and challenges when playing, a tennis elbow is one of the most common pain you will come across when playing tennis, it might seem very serious at first and it can stay longer than expected. This is why you would need to own one of the best rackets for tennis elbow.

Asides getting a good racket for tennis elbow, there are compression pads that also provides great support to the elbow and forearms, which is quite good for tennis players with tennis elbow, you can use this alongside with a suitable racket for tennis elbow, this will reduce the pain.

Best Racquet for Tennis Elbow – Complete Review of The Top 5

  1. HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet (Strung)
  2. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet
  3. YONEX G3 EZONE DR 983 Tennis Racket, Dark Gun/Lime
  4. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet
  5. Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015) Racquets


  1. HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet (Strung)

The HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet has high acceleration and stability. This racket weighs 8.2 oz and is 27 inches long with a head size of 107 square that provides a large and sweet spot design. It has a CZ technology that reduces vibration and shock and makes it easy to control when playing. And it has a Soft grip that provides great hold and support with a very great balance for a tennis elbow. It is lightweight and as a solid sturdy frame.

The HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet is also specially designed for players with tennis elbow, the comfort zone technology makes kit convenient and comfortable for them since it used to help reduce the vibration of the strings and make it arm friendly. The strings are constructed in a way to make it easy to swing the ball around and comfortably and give sit full power and control and the comfortable zone technology was also made to add more acceleration to the shots when playing. Asides from these great features this HEAD Ti.S5 CZ Strung Tennis Racquet comes with a protective head cover, unlike most tennis rackets.


Great power and acceleration

Its comfort zone technology reduces shock and vibration

It allows great control

Its technology also controls the speed of shots

You can start playing from medium to light strokes


It might be too light

It has  a narrow grip

String rapid loss of tension

Swing speed is slow

  1. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet is one of the best rackets for tennis elbow, it provides you with excellent performance and playability. It has a patented spin effect technology and a big sweet spot that provides maneuverability when playing. When it comes to its string pattern, it has an 18 x 16 string pattern that gives you more spin and hit when playing. It is arm friendly and has the ability to handle high tension. The Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet also offers great power and control that is needed and important in every tennis racket.

With its length pattern of 16 x 18  you can be sure that it reduces shock and vibrations when playing and this is one of the important things to consider for a tennis elbow. It weighs 10.7 punches and it is made with braided graphite for more stability. It is suitable for any level of tennis for, beginner, intermediate or professional.


It has a 6 point head light balance

It is powerful

it is lightweight

It provides acceleration

It absorbs shock and vibrations


It has a very narrow grip

Doesn’t absorb grip sweat

  1. YONEX G3 EZONE DR 983 Tennis Racket, Dark Gun/Lime

The YONEX G3 EZONE DR 983 Tennis Racket is also one of the best rackets for tennis elbow, it provides you with powerful strokes and control in a comfortable way. It has a 59-63 low flexibility rate which makes it easy for you to swing. And with its 16 x 19 string pattern provides you with better control. It weighs 11.4 oz / 323g and it is 27 inches in length which makes it easy to control and get powerful shots when playing. It is lightheaded and has isometric head shape with a head size of 98 sq. in which makes it have a larger sweet spot for more flexibility and shots.

The YONEX G3 EZONE DR 983 Tennis Racket features a quake shut gel feature in the grip to reduce vibration and shock, it also has a dual shot system that provides better control with each stroke. It is also suitable for all levels of tennis


It absorbs vibration

It has a big sweet spot

It has a large head size

It provides control and power

It is suitable for long and fast swings

It has a great technology that helps reduce the pain of tennis elbow


It doesn’t absorb grip sweat

Some people might not be comfortable with its isometric head

  1. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet

This Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet is very great for tennis elbow, especially with the technology innovations that help keep it together and provide ultimate control. It is popularly known to be one of the most arm friendly tennis rackets. They come in various sizes and weight that is quite comfortable for any size you choose to use and they also new flex frame that lets you swing freely on any stroke and absorbs most of the vibrations that occur when playing before it gets to your hand. The Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet also comes with a Freeflex and Stablesmart technology, with the Freeflex it provides the use of corrective carbon mapping while the Stablesmart technology provides great and helps retain stability with its unique frame.

It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is 27 inches long and has a swing weight of 312, with a 100sq. in head size, these features make it safe and suitable for a tennis elbow.


It is spin and arm friendly

It provides great support

It is powerful

It provides great control and power

It is flexible to use

Minimal vibration


It is slightly heavy to provide more stability

Head might lag at times

  1. Prince Textreme Tour 100T (2015) Racquets

The Prince Textreme Tour 100T offers a variety of features to support you with any tennis elbow issues, and it provides a great balance when playing, and it also minimizes vibration to the body. For this racket, they made use of Textreme technology to help with the feel of the racket. It is very versatile and allows spinning despite its dense string pattern. It is 27 inches in length and weighs 11.5 oz / 326g and a swing weight of 327 this makes it easy to play and swing, it also provides strong hold and enough power when playing.


It provides fast and accurate shots

It can easily redirect power

It has a Textreme technology that helps is some areas

It offers great stability

It is arm friendly


It might be hard to generate power

It has a small sweet spot

It can be a little stiff

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow involves the area where the tendons and muscles of the forearm attached to the bony area of the elbow are strained. Most tennis players go through this pain at some point in their life when playing, for some, it is even a constant pain that re-occurs since tennis elbow is caused by when your forearm or elbow is strained due to repetitive arms and wrist movement and this is very common in the game of tennis it, however, this doesn’t happen to only athletes. It is one of the injuries most tennis player gets affected by because of their regular use and strain of their elbows when playing, which is why as a tennis player it is advisable to get the best racket for tennis elbow, this would help reduce the pain during and after playing the game.

One of the best solutions for tennis elbow as a tennis player is to get a suitable racquet specifically designed for tennis elbow pain, this doesn’t guarantee the tennis elbow going away but this will help you continue playing tennis in a more enjoyable and pain-free way.

Things to look out for before getting a racket for tennis elbow

Before getting a racket suitable for tennis elbow there are some features you have to look out for like

Weight, length, balance, swing weight, head size, flex, stiffness, string pattern, string construction, and material. 

  • Weight

When of the first things to consider when getting a racket is its weight and its static weight, and you can consider this in two ways, whether to go for a light racket or a heavy one, you might wnat to consider going for a light racket due to the pain you’re experiencing but this would only give you lack of stability and vibration absorption but heavy racket will absorb more shock and let you swing easily and with regards to tennis elbow it is advisable to use a racket with more weight that will help you play comfortably with your arms, we have lots of arm friendly racket out there. But note a racket that is too heavy can make the problem worse and cause more stress to your arms, so it is better to get one that suits you, and it is not too heavy for you to swing around.

  • Length

The length of a racket is also very important, a very long racket might seem harsh on the arm because the more increase in the length of the racket, the more pressure on your arm when swinging and this might cost you more pain when playing. Most rackets are between 27 and 29 inches, so it is advisable to get a smaller racket

  • Balance

This is similar to the weight of a racket, the weight determines the frame of the racket and how easy it would be for you to move around because the weight on the racket head provides stability when hitting, the head provides effective weight when playing. If there is less weight on the handle, it can send shocks and vibrations through the racket once it hits the ball and this can cause more pain to the arm.

  • Swing weight

Swing weight has to do with the mass of the frame, this is determined by the weight of the racket when swinging it in the air. For a tennis elbow, it is advisable to get a racket that has a high swing weight without you having too so high and in the process stress your arms. Swing weight determines the amount of weight in the head, this helps when it comes to stability and shock absorption which is why it is important to have a reasonable amount of swing weight so it won’t cause more harm to the arms when playing.

  • Headsize

The larger the size of the Head Size the more comfortable and safe it is for the arm because it has the ability to absorb impacts and cause the strings to flex and a larger head size allows a great amount of divergence and it provides more power and spin and makes the sweet spot larger. It also minimizes shock and makes it safe for the arms. There are three types of racket head size, we have

Oversize racquet head size, mid plus racquet head size, and mid racquet head size, they differ based on their size, sweet spot, power, and control. You have to know which size to go for, for the Oversize racquet head size, it is mostly used by beginners, while the mid plus racquet head size is used by intermediate and the mid racquet head size is suitable for professionals.

  • Flex

When it comes to flex it is advisable to get a racket relatively low in flex, the flex is measured at along the length of the racket and this determines how frames are or will become. When a frame is too tight and heavy it increases vibration to the body and this can cause more pain to the arm.

  • Stiffness

This feature has a great effect on your arm stability because a stiffer racket with causing more pain to your arm due to vibration and shock, but a more flexible frame tends to absorb the vibration. When you see a low rating of a racket on flexibility it means the frame is not very stiff which is why it is advisable to go with a rating of nothing more than 64 especially because of a tennis elbow.

  • String pattern

A closed string pattern provides great control and the more open it is the softer feel and less shock and it will also increase the racket power and make it comfortable when playing but it might limit the control to some extent. A closed string has a high chance of causing vibration because the control strung at low tension. But when it comes to tennis elbow try the two types of string pattern to determine which is suitable for you.

  • String construction and material

The string patterns vary in terms of how they are constructed, the material used, and its thickness. It is advisable not to go for a tennis racket made with stiffer materials as it will cause more harm to a tennis elbow, go for the ones made with softer nylon strings.

Knowing now that there is a lot to consider when getting a tennis racket for tennis elbow, you have to put these things in check when shopping for a new replacement tennis racket.

Check out some of the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow

These tennis rackets are a must-have for a tennis player especially when the player is affected by a tennis elbow, you can also get a suitable racket for tennis elbow as a beginner to reduce your risk of having tennis elbow. One of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting tennis elbow as a tennis player is to get the right tennis rackets. Before getting a racket you have to take into consideration the length and frame, and you have to consider one with lower string tension.


Most people have the misconception that heavier rackets causes tennis elbow or worsen it, this is totally wrong because in actual facts heavier tennis racket doesn’t cause tennis elbow, they even help recover because they can help you handle heavy balls and they absorb the vibrations and impacts that occur when hitting the ball but however your racket should be the right size and weight for you.

Regardless of the rankings the listed rackets are the best racket for tennis elbow and they all have their costs and benefits, go for the one suitable for you.

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