Greatest Female Tennis Player (S) Of All Time

Much the same as different sports, the game of tennis has advanced slowly with certain players stretching out beyond others and these players are normally viewed as the legends in the game. The purpose behind this isn’t implausible—they basically stood apart among others and this caused them to be perceived as the best among the rest. Lawn tennis is one of the most engaging games on the planet with a huge number of watchers around the world.

There are a few female tennis players and some of them are positioned at the top—above others as the best female tennis player of all time because of their accomplishments throughout the years, their consistency, and trophies won.

Among such players are Serena Williams, Steffi Graff, Venus Williams, and so forth. It would be no misstep anyway to place that even among these referenced players and others in their class, the best female tennis player of all time is as of now Serena Williams.

The 38-year-old has fourteen (14) Grand Slam doubles to her name four (4) Australian Open, two (2) French Open, six (6) Wimbledon, and two (2) US Open titles. she has been playing since the 1900s and has been exceptionally extraordinary at it.

In the area of women’s tennis, which is our fundamental concentration here, there are additionally simply like the men’s, players who stick out and have become symbols to deal within the realm of Tennis. The rundown of the top women may be somewhat dubious at the top yet there are some of them who are unquestionably over the other and they are Serena Williams, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Margaret Court, Martina Navratilova, Venus Williams, etc. Here, we will be investigating the profiles of ten (10) female tennis players who have been viewed as the best ever.

Greatest Female Tennis Players Of All Time – The Top 10

  1. Justine Henin

Justine Henin

The rundown begins with the resigned Belgian Professional, Justine Henin who was reputable for her one-handed backhand strike during games. Being simply 5’5″ tall, Justine’s backhand strike is named as the best in the history of women’s tennis as she is fit for utilizing it to disassemble her opponents from any point on the tennis court.

Born on the first of June, 1982, she turned professional in 1999 and inevitably resigned because of repeating elbow wounds in the year 2011. It is accepted that Justine would have proceeded to win considerably more than the fifty (50) career titles (counting 7 Grand Slam titles) that she has in her possession.

  1. Evonne Goolagong Cawley

Consistency is one of the key fixings to turning into an extraordinary player in any game and Cawley is one of the absolute first.

To begin with, steady wins in tennis. During the 1970s when she turned master, her predominance was one to never disregard and with such ability, she had the option to accumulate 86 career titles including seven (7) Grand Slam titles out and out from the singles, doubles, and mixed.

Australia will always remember to have birthed such an incredible player who retired from the game in the year 1983—at age thirty-two (32).

  1. Venus Williams

Being especially incredible on the grass court, Venus unquestionably should make the cut for her professional accomplishments. Despite being dominated by her own one of a kind sister, Serena Venus was still not stopped and proceeded to have herself a spot on the rundown of the best women in tennis with an amazing 49 professional titles.

Born in June 1980, the American who turned professional in 1994 has had the option to make her own story since she began succeeding at the WTA in 1997 and she has won seven (7) Grand Slam titles with other Wimbledon and US Open titles. In the doubles, she additionally ended up being a considerable force alongside her sister, Serena Williams.

  1. Billie Jean King

America has created various extraordinary tennis players throughout the years and one of them is Billie Jean.

She was born in 1943 and turned into a professional in 1959, at that point proceeded to win an amazing 129 vocation trophies before age retired in 1983. Billie Jean, asides from her 27 Grand Slam titles won, was likewise exceptionally fruitful in the Wimbledon and US Open competitions.

  1. Monica Seles

Just a heartbreaking occasion in the year 1993 denied the universe of discovering how the Yugoslavian professional would truly turn out in the end as she had preceding that minute appeared to be well en route to ascending to the zenith of the game.

In the space of the 19 years that she began playing like an ace to when she resigned (1989-2008), Monica had won 53 professional titles which included nine (9) Grand Slam titles. She was a left-handed player who the world despite everything considers what might have happened to her in the event that she never encountered the crippling episode.

  1. Margaret Court

At the point when she resigned in 1977, Australia was glad to have created one more extraordinary player in Margaret as she was one to deal with during her 17 years of professional playing vocation. 192 vocation titles are what Margaret brags of with a yet to be matched record of 24 Grand Slam titles, one more than Serena’s 23.

Margaret was productive with her volley during play and consistently realized how to utilize her enhancing her advantage.

  1. Chris Evert

Many would contend that America is the main country in the game of tennis and that is hard to debunk that fact as the nation saw the rise of another awesome player with mind-blowing 157 profession titles.

Evert, being almost brilliant on the mud with a record of 382-22, stunned numerous who kept in touch with her off in her initial career as she didn’t get on the correct foot as fast as the same number of others. At last, in the end, she resigned in the year 1989 with 18 Grand Slam titles.

  1. Martina Navratilova

For one who played for a long time, Martina worked superbly to make the best of the years by creating accomplishments that are extremely hard to break. Initially, with 168 professional titles, Martina holds the record for being the main player in the history of women’s tennis to be positioned number one at singles and doubles for more than 200 weeks. Notwithstanding that, she additionally holds the record for five continuous years finishing the season number one in singles.

These records are genuinely momentous and however not difficult to break, would take a huge amount of commitment and tirelessness to match or beat. We won’t have a good to beat all be that as it may in the event that we don’t make reference to the 49 complete Grand Slam titles she had the option to win since she turned master in 1975. Martina in the end took a rest from the game in 2006 with records that are yet to be unrivaled by some other player.

  1. Steffi Graf

Born on the fourteenth of June, 1969 in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, West Germany, the professional tennis player turned expert in the year 1982 and resigned in the year 1999 and was added to the Tennis Hall of Fame in the year 2004.

In 1983, Graf was 13 years of age and still toward the start of her first full professional vocation, however even starting at that point, she was at that point increasing a few grounds as she positioned world No.124. Despite the fact that Graf won zero titles for the following three years, her positioning on the world log climbed to No. 98 in1983, she proceeded to be positioned No. 22 in 1984, and No. 6 in 1985. In 1984, The first occasion when she nearly picked up acknowledgment at the worldwide stage was in the year 1984, when she was exceptionally near overcoming the tenth seed, Jo Durie of the United Kingdom, in a fourth-round Center Court match played at Wimbledon. In a similar vein, Graf in August of a similar year as a 15-year-old—additionally making her the most youthful contender representing West Germany, she proceeded to win the tennis show occasion at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. no decorations were granted for this success as it was anything but an official Olympic occasion.

Steffi and Margaret Court are additionally the main tennis players, male or female, to have had the option to win three Grand Slam competitions in a single schedule year on five unique events; in 1988, 1989, 1993, 1995, and 1996. This is another accomplishment that places Steffi at the top of the best player ever in Tennis.

To top her ability, Steffi is the main tennis player, male or female, to have won each Grand Slam competition, at any rate, multiple times. This isn’t something you see each year or veneer and it certainly is anything but a day’s job. It further shows the amount of an incredible and exceptional player she is in her time.

  1. Serena Williams

Even though Serena’s parents as gathered, wanted her to wait until she turned sixteen (16) before participating in the professional tournaments, Serena as of age 14, had a great urge to be there already, so in the year 1995 just after she became fourteen (14), Serena had a plan to make her professional debut as a wild-card entrant in the Bank of the West Classic in Oakland, California, but as expected, was denied the chance by the WTA due to the strict age-eligibility restrictions of the organization. In October 1995 at the Bell Challenge in Quebec, she made a debut and it marked her first professional tournament, having used a wild-card entry to avoid the age-eligibility rules.

Reports are assembled that Serena didn’t play any competition in the next year which was 1996. In the year that followed, however, she did play and lost once more in the passing rounds of three competitions. Over the long haul, she went on to win her first main-draw match in November at the Ameritech Cup in Chicago. With Serena’s rank being 304 as of then, she caused stunning bombshells against No. 7 Mary Pierce, and No. 4 Monica Seles, taking record her first career wins over players in the main 10 and also becoming the lowest-ranked player in the Open Era to rack up wins against two out of the top-10 opponents in the same or a single tournament. Sadly, she lost in the elimination rounds of the competition to No. 5 Lindsay Davenport. She proceeded to complete the year 1997 positioned as No. 99 in the world.

Serena holds the record for the most Grand Slam titles in the singles, doubles, and blended doubles consolidated among dynamic players. She is additionally the latest player to have won a Grand Slam title on every tennis surface (hard, dirt and grass) in one calendar year. This accomplishment was made in 2015. Serena together with her more seasoned sister Venus Williams is the most recent player to have held the entirety of the four (4) Grand Slam women’s doubles titles at the same time (in the year 2009–10).

Serena is positioned at No. 9 on the planet by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) as of March 2, 2020. 


Having taken a look at some of the achievements of these female tennis players and what makes them stand out among their peers, we won’t be exaggerating when we call them the greatest female tennis players of all time because they have done the seeming difficult things and remain sources of motivation to so many other up and coming tennis players in the female sector.

And after carefully discussing the icons in Women’s Tennis, we can see that it’s a very slim difference that can be identified between these players. In other words, it would be safe however to simply say as Serena is regarded as the greatest player of all time in this present era. And this is a feat that is most likely going to be surpassed by Serena Williams in the coming years because she is still an active player and does not look like retiring any time soon. Either of these players the world of Tennis and sport, in general, is surely glad to have so far witnessed these discussed legends in action.

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