Head Liquidmetal 4 Reviews 

Every tennis player understands well the importance of making the right selection when choosing their own tennis racquet(s). This is primarily as a result of the fact that your tennis racquet decides your success in a tennis game. The tennis racquet determines every part of your game. Your racquet decides the way you spin your ball, your power, your feel, how much control you have over the ball, and every other aspect of your game. You need to make the right choice in deciding which tennis racquet will perform all these functions for you well in a game. 

There are many spectacularly great racquet out there and one of the best decisions you can ever make in choosing your racquet is going for the Head Liquidmetal 4. You can never regret going for this whether you are a beginner or pro. At first, the brand is a good indication of the quality since Liquid metal had gained a positive name in the market regarding the high-quality standard attached to the production of similar products from the company. More satisfying is the fact that four areas on the racquet contain Liquidmetal alloy in creating the Total Sweetspot Construction on the racquet. This TSC is silver areas on the racquet that are designed to perfect the balanced torsibility function of the racquet, positioning the sweet spot at the 2, 10, 4, and 8 o’clock racquet head areas. Also, Liquidmetal integrates the twin-tube design, a technology that has proven very reliable among other successful old racquets. 

With regard to how perfectly well it will function in your tennis game, this is what is expected: 

Features of The Head Liquidmetal 4

  1. Groundstroke

At the baseline, Head Liquidmetal 4 can be easily swung and manipulated because of its lightweight design. The sweet spot can be effectively exploited here and there is an overall comfortability in your feel of the racquet. As a result, you can easily give real deep forehands and even backhands without expending much effort. More efforts might, however, be required when giving the backhand shots especially if you are the one-handed backhand type. This might be necessary in order to get considerable control of the ball. 

The easy maneuverability of the racquet gives you the opportunity to adjust quickly in emergency situations. Also, the experience is enjoyable when hitting backhand slices with Liquidmetal 4 because there is usually much control with little effort offering you the opportunity of shooting more accurately. In fact, you might get more accustomed to using this style frequently in your game. Also, with regard to the feel, there is no racquet shock or harsh vibration to be experienced during the game. As a result, the much-needed comfort is readily available. To many, the Liquidmetal 4 is the perfect fit for moderately fast swing speed players.  

  1. Volley

The Liquidmetal 4 also exhibits a fantastic performance at different executions. The easy manipulation, lightweight design, and the perfect 102 sq head size of the racquet allow for this. There is easy control of the racquet when giving low pickups or reflex volleys at the baseline. You are able to place half volleys easily with Liquidmetal 4. 

You don’t need much energy to hit baseline when you shoot from mid-court. Also, Liquidmetal 4 gives you a proper execution of your maneuver during reaction volleys. With the proper function of easy maneuverability, this means that expending much power at the net might be a disappointment. Therefore, you don’t need much power during short half volleys. However, the little downside, if you are new to using Liquidmetal 4, is that you have to focus hard on actually hitting the ball with your racquet because of the 102sq sized head of the racquet. 

  1. Overheads and Serves

With regard to overheads and serving, the Head Liquidmetal 4 gives a fairly decent performance with regard to speed and control. Since it has a light feel, you have to be conscious of the racquet weight when serving. You might need a little mastering to generate considerable spins that will accurately place your shot in the corners or wherever you want them. And because of the lightweight design, you might have to hold back some energy to get this right. With the required energy, you are able to control the directions of your ball well when giving overhead however you also need to focus on the energy need to get your desired speed.  If you are used to weightier racquets you might get a little discouraged because unless you are giving flat straight serves down the middle you do not require extra energy for accuracy. The result is Head Liquidmetal 4 really works well and offers adequate maneuverability with giving low lobs, however, overheads may require plenty of adaptability and mastery to get your desired hits at the right speed. 


In the end, the Head Liquidmetal 4 exhibits excellent performance in the court since it is designed with some modern features. It offers a dampened comfortable feel during usage in the court. Head also designed the proven twin-tube technology for this racquet to complement the much-needed comfort needed in the game. And there is a Liquidmetal 4 sweet spot at to step up the game improving the power play of the racquet. With this, any harsh racquet shock or vibration is eliminated during your game. The compact lightweight design offers much stability and control in the game without having to expend much energy during a shot. 

The overall comfort you get is noticeable and you get relaxed quickly adapting to the pros and cons of the Head Liquidmetal 4. This is one good racquet that serves as the perfect fit for the moderately fast swing players or for professionally advanced players that have slower swing speed. Although the weight might be a bit of an issue, especially when you are up against advanced opponents. However, the Head Liquidmetal 4 functions really well when you are up against players that have an averagely high swing speed.