Head Liquidmetal 4 Vs 8 

You will definitely enjoy every tennis game you play when you have got a very good racquet with you. This is what the Head Liquidmetal brand is known for. Many of their products especially their racquets are known to have gained a positive reputation in the market over the years, and they have remained like that. This is perhaps due to the spectacular features usually integrated into their racquets. Many customers have become a bit contemplative of what to choose between the Head Liquidmetal 4 and the 8 brands. Two of these racquets seem to have gained serious attention from a large number of the Head Liquidmetal fans because of their spectacular performance and qualities exhibited when used in the competitive tennis games. Apart from this, these two brands have become the favorite of most intermediate and new players because of their ease of usage. The two racquets may seem suitable on the whole for both newbies and average players however the two Head Liquidmetal racquets have some special features that set them apart and makes one more favorable over the other. With regard to their build, ease of control, usage, and power, an elaborate comparison will be examined for these two racquets below. 

The Head Liquidmetal 4 And Head Liquidmetal 8 

The Size of the Racquet 

The very first clear difference between the two Head Liquidmetal racquets is the head size. As for the Head Liquidmetal 4, it is on the whole, an average-sized racquet so the head size is not so big. It has a head size of about 102 inches however the longness is the same as that of the Head Liquidmetal 8 racquet they both have the 27.25 inches longness. It has a heavyweight than its counterpart. The weight of the Head Liquidmetal 4 comes at 304 grams, and the beam of the racquet is a bit narrower than the Head Liquidmetal 8. The beam of the Head Liquidmetal 4  is about 25 mm. 

As for the Head Liquidmetal 8, it is clearly larger than the Head Liquidmetal 4. The head of this racquet is larger than that of its counterpart because it has a size of about 112 square inches. And since the most vital part of a racquet is the head particularly the strings, then the Head Liquidmetal 8 has a slight edge over the Head Liquidmetal 4. As a result of this, the Head Liquidmetal 8 has got a larger sweet spot with higher hit power. This special feature makes the Head Liquidmetal 8 more of a favorite to those who are new to tennis. But on the overall, the Head Liquidmetal 8 is just as long as that the Head Liquidmetal 4 because they have a length of about 27 inches. The Head Liquidmetal 8 also has the edge of the lightweight feature over the Head Liquidmetal 4 because this one has got a weight of 266 grams, another plus for the beginners in the tennis game. And the Head Liquidmetal has just a slightly larger beam than the Head Liquidmetal 4. 

Design Features of the Head Liquidmetal Racquets

Like many other products of the Head Liquidmetal, these two racquets are both made up of titanium materials and the piezoelectric fibers. This means that they are both strong and sturdy. They are able to endure any kind of heavy or rough use they are subjected to without getting damaged at all. As a result, these two racquets have clearly been designed to last very long. 

With regard to their handle, the grip of both Head Liquidmetal is really comfortable and tough. This is because, like many other good racquets, they have adopted the famous Hydrosorb grip design into the handles. This design is sufficient and modern enough because even if you are the type that would normally have a sweaty hand after a long grip before things start slipping out of hand, the hydrosorb design will make sure to eliminate any occurrence of such because you are given all the comfort while having a tight hold of the racquet. 

And as for the strings of the two Head Liquidmetal racquets, their strings are different and similar. They are different in the sense that the two racquets have nineteen crosses and sixteen mains string pattern. However, they also have different designs. 

The Head Liquidmetal 4 has a 2 piece pattern and it has its mains skips on the 8H, 8T, and the 7T section of the string. And the string tension of the Head Liquidmetal 4 is at 62 pounds. And since the Head Liquidmetal 4 racquet has a 2piece pattern on its string, it is expected that it will be more powerful and las much longer than the 1 piece pattern found in the Head Liquidmetal 8. This is because the two-piece pattern is designed in cross strings towards the yoke of the string. And since the yoke is the hardest part of a racquet, the two-piece pattern of the string always directs any burden given to the yoke of the racquet to eliminate any damage that may come to the frame of the racquet during usage.   

As for the Head Liquidmetal 8, it has got just 1 piece pattern and its main skips are on the 8H and 8T sections of the racquet strings. However, the string tension is a bit higher than the Head Liquidmetal 4. The Head Liquidmetal 8 has a string tension of about 64 pounds. This may not prove advantageous in the end because, it has only one piece pattern, and since the Head Liquidmetal 8 has got a higher tension, there is the possibility of the racquet frame getting damaged easily and hence the long life of the Head Liquidmetal 8 is not as secure as that of the Head Liquidmetal 4. 

The Comfortability of the Head Liquidmetal Racquets

For the Head Liquidmetal 4, it is a very flexible one, because it was designed to contain the qualities of a beginner usage that is directed towards the improvement of the game and that of a very competitive professional usage that is focused on speed, power, and rough game. This ensures its versatility, and as a result, the Head Liquidmetal can be easily adopted by players of different skill sets and experience. And even though it is a bit heavier than the Head Liquidmetal 8 racquet, it is on the average much lighter than many of its counterparts because it also comes with a lightweight compact design that affords the player enough comfortability during usage. This means that it is designed to balance well during usage and there is not much stress on the arm gripping the racquet. As a result, you are given a considerable amount of control during the game while expending less energy to wield it. And even though, this tennis racquet seems heavy enough, some professional players who have slower swings and are used to heavy racquets may prefer more heavy racquets than the Head Liquidmetal 4 racquets in order to produce more powerful hits. 

However, the Head Liquidmetal is a designer to cover the beginner or average usage which is usually inclined towards the improvement of the game against a very tougher or more competitive game. The Head Liquidmetal 8 is much more comfortable than its counterpart because of the perfect lightweight design the comes with it. This is really a plus for the new learners of the tennis game because they are able to swing the racquet very easily and since it is the head of the Head Liquidmetal 8 that has the most weight, rookies can give very powerful hits without straining their arms unnecessarily. As a result, the Head Liquidmetal 8 can become a powerful tool to wield at the beginner’s level. 


On the whole, the two Head Liquidmetal racquets are really good racquets to have and they are worth every penny. However, if you are a professional who is used to delivering quick powerful shots, then you might want to go for the Head Liquidmetal 4 instead. 

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