Head Liquidmetal 8 vs Head Ti S6 

Many products of the Head has over the years gained a wide reputation and trust in the racquet market. Both the Head Liquidmetal 8 and Head ti S6 and many other racquets have gained a lot of attention and they received a positive reputation from racquets users. Both racquets have also performed well when tested out in the field. The two racquets have received much favoritism among intermediate and beginner players because of their perfect suitability and easy handling among these players. The reason for this could also be attributed to the fact that both the Head Liquidmetal 8 and Head ti S6 are very famous for the fascinating qualities they have in common – their lightweight design and the largeness and heaviness of their heads over the rest of the body. However, these two racquets also differ in some aspects. Whether you are a beginner, an average, or a professional player, you can check the comparison below in finding which racquet will suit you best. 

Review of the Head Liquidmetal 8 and Head Ti S6 


With regard to affordability, the Head Liquidmetal 8 is a bit more expensive than the Head ti S6. However, the price difference between the two racquets is just almost unnoticeable to consider in choosing one over the other. So if the Head Liquidmetal 8 is the best fit for you, you can just go for it because it is worth every penny.  


The head of a racquet is obviously the most important part. And as for new players in the tennis game, the head of the racquet means a lot to them the racquet is that type that has a head larger and heavier than the remaining part of the body. This is because the largeness of the head is a huge determinant of the sweet spot on the string. A larger head will definitely have a larger sweet spot. Also, the heaviness of the racquet head also matters a lot to newbies because when the racquet head is heavier, they are able to deliver a more powerful hit with less energy consumed. 

The head of the Head Liquidmetal 8 and Head ti S6 are generally considered large when considered to other similar racquets in the same category. However, when compared the Head Liquidmetal 8 racquet has a smaller string surface area of 112 inches with nineteen crosses string design and sixteen mains while the Head ti S6 has a larger string surface area of 115 inches with sixteen mains and nineteen crosses string pattern. And as for the head weight, the Head Liquidmetal 8’s strung weight and height is definitely higher than the Head ti S6. However, the Head Liquidmetal 8 is shorter on the whole than the Head ti S6. The Head Liquidmetal 8 has 27¼ inches longer in length while the Head ti S6 is 27¾ inches longer in length. 

The beam of the Head ti S6 is 28.5 mm and it does not come with a protective cover. For the Head Liquidmetal 8, it is designed with a protective cover and a dampening system which reduces racquet vibration when it comes in touch with the ball. And as for the strings of both racquets, as usual they have the titanium or graphite construction which offers high durability and sturdiness. 


In the court, the two tennis racquets exhibited a great performance for both intermediate and beginner players. However, the Head ti S6 racquet is clearly for beginners or players who have some injury with their hand since it offers all the comfort you desire in the court. This is because the Head ti S6 has a longer body and a larger head. So you are able to get the ball with a little effort and you are able to hit hard as much as you want with a little energy. And the Head ti S6 has a lightweight design. This unnecessary comfort makes the player lazy and offers almost no chance for growth and development. Although the Head Liquidmetal 8 also has a large heavy head and a moderately long body as for the Head Liquidmetal 8, the comfort you get is reduced so you are able to learn fast and pick up important skills such as ball control and placement the more you play.  And both racquets have proven strong and long-lasting because of their graphite construction. 


The Head Liquidmetal 8 and Head ti S6 racquet have been tested and trusted, however, the Head ti S6 racquet seems a bit less expensive and inclined towards a beginner’s gameplay than the Head Liquidmetal 8. So if you are very new to the tennis game you might need to consider buying the Head ti S6 racquet to discover your style. However if it seems you have been in the game for some time then the Head Liquidmetal 8 racquet might be your next loyal companion that you need to get. 

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