Head Ti S5 Review

It is expected that as a beginner in the game of tennis you are very enthusiastic about choosing a racquet that would work wonders for you so you go ahead and choose the popular ones used by the best famous tennis players because of good luck! This may seem okay at first except that when you start using it and discover that the racquet is well beyond your control and does not fit your style then you start to wonder why you went for the racquet type in the first place. The consequence, in the end, is that you have to spend extra and get the better and suitable racquet for you or your games continue to suck and you almost are not able to develop yourself as faster as it should have been. Except you want to make it an artifact and add it to one of your priced collection, you just have to understand that it is usually not advisable to rush out and buy the racquet brand of your cherished player. What you need is to find the one that will do the perfect job and fulfill all your wishes. You can just look it up and check which one suits you whether you are a learner, an intermediate, or a professional player. However, there are some racquets that are usually all-encompassing and can be managed well by beginners or professionals. One of them is the Head Ti S5 racquet. If you have doubts about whether this racquet will be best for you then you can just read the guide below and compare its qualities against your style in the tennis game. 

Review of the Head Ti S5 

First, the Head Ti S5 is really new in the market and in fact the newest model of the Head Ti S5 products. It has an inbuilt premium refined strings and it comes with a protective cover when bought new. It was also built to offer all the control and comfortability you can ever get when using a nice racquet in a game. It was built to last long and to be flexible, so whether you are a newbie or an expert in the game of tennis you can easily manipulate it to do your biddings in the game. The dynamic and flexible feature allows this racquet to be used almost anywhere and by anybody. So whether you are in the school or the gym, or a rehab center, you can handle the Head Ti S5 well and make many successful games with it. Plus the cost of this one is very cheap. Unlike many other similar racquets in function and performance which are usually very costly, the  Head Ti S5 has been viewed by users as much more affordable than other racquets. 

In terms of the cost, grip, weight, and build-up you can rest be assured that this racquet does very well above average in its performance. The build-up of this racquet is really spectacular because the head of this racquet is made of titanium and the head has got a comfort zone design integrated to it. Plus, the whole racquet is mainly made of graphite composite. All these come together to make the Head Ti S5 one fascinating racquet to consider buying. However, of a peculiar feature of the Head Ti S5 which may seem off-putting is the frequent vibration it usually gives when you are using it. But on the whole, the  Head Ti S5 is the most suitable for intermediate players with a moderate speed and an average serve power. The racquet may not be well suited for a professional who exercises more often than not with a very high explosive power and with much speed. 

Features of the  Head Ti S5.

The nice qualities of the Head Ti S5 set it apart from the others. These special qualities allow the usage of the Head Ti S5 possible both in freestyle practice and in tough competitions. One of the really good technologies integrated to the Head Ti S5 is the comfort zone design. This function affords you all the comfortability you will not normally find in a racquet that comes with a  long frame. It also has a lightweight design that gives you all the influence and control to wield it powerfully in a tennis game. And since it is a newly made racquet, it comes with new dampening technology to eliminate the vibration of the racquet string by 25 percent. And it has a larger sweet spot in comparison to other racquets giving you more control over where you want your ball to go. The grommets of the racquet are cone-shaped to establish a stronger link of the ball with the racquet and hence, this allows you to adapt easily into any kind of game while giving any kind of hits. In fact, you are able to give higher hits with more speed while expending lesser energy. 

Getting an Optimum Performance out of the Head Ti S5

The most important parts of any racquets are the strings. And this is the same for the Head Ti S5. if you observe that you are someone who does not have much energy, and you are still lacking adequate control over the racquet then you can just string up your racquet to meet the standard level of a tightly strung racquet. However, if you already have considerable control over the racquet and you show some good energy throughout the game, then it is preferable that you string up your racquet so much that you think it might break. Because the more the tightness of the strings the more the control you have over the ball although you may have to expend extra energy in controlling the ball well if you have got some good power in you then the tightness of the racquet strings will do you a great favor. And it is advisable especially if you are someone who plays more often than not that you change your racquet strings at worst, two times in a year with synthetic strings. 


The Head Ti S5 is on the whole very suitable for almost any kind of player because of its special qualities. However, if the Head Ti S5 is still not your type of racquet, then you can look upon other products under the Head Ti S brand and compare their cost and qualities in accordance with whatever specifications you have in mind. But the truth is that the Head Ti S5 is a new product and has been designed to last longer than many of its counterparts. 


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