How Long do Tennis Balls Last

Clearly, tennis is one of the very interesting games to be a part of. And one of the many refreshing experiences is the opening of the new can that contains the tennis balls. It offers some satisfactory fresh smell that gives you much hope that you will win the game if you are a player. And this is true because the tennis balls are still pressurized and hence they are very much alive and bouncy. So in this state, you are offered the much-needed options of deciding where you want them while they noisily obey. This means that the control of the game is still in your hands when your tennis balls are bouncy and new.

And it is a good thing that tennis balls are pressurized or they won’t last for long after production. So the high pressure that ensures the bounce inside new tennis balls need to be preserved in the air-tight container because as soon as they are exposed, they only have a limited duration before they start to lose the pressure inside them. Even when they are not used, tennis balls would gradually lose their pressure and become as weak as the dead tennis balls. 

The tennis ball is just like many other products that are sealed in airtight containers, for instance, a can of coca-cola, when they are opened, they give out the normal fizzle and bubbles that are expected from them. And after some time even if they are not drunk, they start to lose value both in their taste, color, and nutrient composition, and in the end, the become as worthless as ever. So it is much better to leave the balls in their air-tight container until just before the game. Some may say opening them saves a lot of space and allows for convenient storage. Well, the best option would still be to preserve the lives of the tennis balls and search for a more suitable alternative to store them while inside their sealed can. 

Normally, professional tennis players would play with a new set of tennis balls for every match to be played. However, this practice may get very costly to manage especially when you start to include training and freestyles. This is why tennis balls are reused over and over in no so formal games. And on the average, the tennis balls still perform greatly because they are generally designed to have high bounces for a very long time. So on the topic of how long do tennis balls last. Well, since a new pack of tennis balls is provided to players in each game session, the a can last up to 3 hours of constant play when you have got professional players hitting hard and with a fair speed. However, the balls would last longer when the setting is less competitive one with the hits not so hard and not so quick. 

When a tennis ball gets old and has lost its bounce, it may be quite difficult to identify it if you are still a newbie, however, if you have been in the game for some time, you should be able to tell a new fresh tennis ball from an old one. A new tennis ball will is hard and unyielding when you try to press it in your hands. It is easy to manipulate because it bounces very high and comes off very well whenever it is hit. It goes on like this till after some time. As for a dead tennis ball, it definitely does not look new, fresh, or colorful like the new tennis ball, and if the appearance still seems deceiving, then you can recognize the oldness during the play. 

You need more power to manipulate an old tennis ball because it does not bounce high or come off very well when hit. Also, it is can be hard-pressed when you hold it. So if you find it hard to recognize a dead tennis ball, you can have a hit or two at the ball and once the ball gives a hollow sluggish bit when it is hit with the racquet or when it does not goes as fast or as far as expected, even with much power, then you should know that you are dealing with an old dead ball. It is better here to just throw them away or they will make the whole game very difficult, boring, and frenetic. Except perhaps, you are in your practice sessions or just freestyling with it. 

How Frequently Should Tennis Balls be Replaced in a Standard Game? 

It is usually the same processes that are followed when changing tennis balls in every high competition professional games. At the beginning of each match in the tournament, a pack of tennis balls is provided at the warm-up and the pack of balls lasts up until 7 games. Then another set of new balls is provided and these ones last for 9 games and then it goes on and on like that. And this is the most appropriate approach because when you have got professionals hitting very fast and very hard at the ball, the tennis ball will definitely lose its bounce and form in a very short time however if the game is a casual one or the players are junior levels whose hit are not as hard or as fast, then changing the ball set after 9 games may become too expensive. 

At a professional level, there is a big difference in the ball when it is used from the first game to the ninth game. Especially in terms of the racquet hit, a ball that has been used for straight nine games will have a different feel on the racquet than a newly provided tennis ball. These differences may not be too apparent but however little the difference is they matter a lot and are a game-changer for many professionals. 

How to Reuse Old Tennis Balls. 

Generally, tennis balls can last up to a year right from the can to being used as a freestyle. However, when it comes to competition and tournament games, they might only last a few hours. But this does not mean total worthlessness, and you can still use the tennis ball for many other things. And you can seem to find anything to do with your old tennis ball, then you may just give it out. But the first thing you can put old tennis balls is to use them in your training sessions. Many tennis balls used after real competitions can still be used for practicing in the court, you can continue to use them for warm-up until they become very flat then you can just store them somewhere for another usage. However, such a tennis ball can still last for a considerable amount of time before becoming flat. 

When they become this flat you can still make a new toy of it to your dog pets especially when you are guys are playing fetch. Or better, you cut it into the right pieces and use them for important handwork or maintenance projects such as cutting and sticking their pieces to the bottom of the chair to prevent further damage of the chairs and to eliminate any noise produced when dragging the chair. This technique also works for other structures such as the walkers usually found in nursing homes. 


And it might be really beneficial when you buy tennis balls in large quantities especially when you are a career player who plays very frequently. And since the balls pressurized from the company you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Most time professional players would have exhausted a new can for training even before the real game starts. Some can even exhaust as much as twenty cans of tennis balls within a month. 

Buying in bulk will really benefit professional players in terms of time and money. The time spent in buying one can at a time is eliminated and since you are buying in bulk they are always less costly than buying one by one. And once in a while, there is likely to be some juicy offers connected to bulk products. What you might need to be cautious of is the shipping fee if there are no markets that sell wholesales. However, it is all good and when you get a package of tennis balls, they can last up to two years while still in their pressurized can. So it is always cheaper to buy long before a serious game instead of depending on a supplier because in most cases the supplier may disappoint or even increase the price of the package. And since tennis balls are generally affordable, you can try out a few of them to see which type is the best for you in the game in terms of control and longevity. But no matter the brand you should bear in mind that the tennis ball won’t last more than a few hours if you will be playing a serious game. 


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