How to Draw Tennis Racket

If you are really good at drawing different geometrical shapes when you were in high school, you should have no problem drawing the more complicated ones like the tennis racket. You just have to remember drawing the geometrical shapes involved then you can start remembering the fine details. To know the shapes involved, a tennis racket, a sports bat made of a long iron handle connected to an imperfect round structure with an intersection of tightly woven strings for hitting the tennis ball during a tennis competition. If you have not come across a tennis racket before, you can now imagine how a tennis racket looks and the shapes involved in the construction of a tennis racket. Apart from the meshed structure, the oval shape and a cylinder are the basic shapes involved in drawing a tennis racket. Again, the steps involved in drawing a tennis racket are fairly simple. At the end of this article, you would know how to draw a tennis racket. 


Look for a blank paper or cardboard and a pencil or charcoal, an eraser, and a sharpener. 

Start with drawing the oval shape in the vertical position. This shape will cover the tightly meshed structure for hitting the tennis ball. 

Drawing the meshed structure. You can start drawing different horizontal lines closely together to cover the oval structure. Then you can start with the vertical lines over the horizontal lines. Again draw the lines close together to leave the little net-like spaces around. Just after drawing the vertical lines, at the bottom of the meshed structure, make a much shorter double curved line to form the common sweet spot found in most rackets. 

After the meshed structure, you can draw a larger oval structure over the first oval structure.and a long isosceles triangle facing upwards underneath the larger structure. This triangle should have a severed flat tip touching the cylindrical or rectangular handle that will be underneath. After and inside the first triangle, draw another isosceles triangle with a flat top, to double the first triangle. Put the severed flat top of the second triangle on the same line as the first triangle making the line a bit thicker and a bit curved.

As a reinforcement, double the lines of the rectangular shape forming the racket handle and shade the space between the two rectangular shapes of the racket handle. 


Pick any colors of your interest and color up the whole of the racket as you wish. For distinctiveness, make sure the colors of the shaded areas of the racket are different from the thinner lines of the racquet. You may also choose to color up other spaces in the racquet. This is not a bad thing as long as you make the colors you use different from the others. All these are what build up to make the drawing a beautiful racket you so dearly wished for. 

Again the processes involved in drawing a racket are a simple short one. And as long as you focus during the process, you are sure to get a beautiful one. 

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