How To Regrip A Tennis Racket

Like every other part of a tennis racket, the grip also performs a very important function, when it comes to how you hold your racket and strike the ball, your grip is in charge of that, replacing your grip on a regular basis will help improve your game and also expand the lifespan of your racket. The grip is the part of a tennis racket we make use of the most when playing tennis, and you play it quite often you have to make sure your grip is properly sized and in good condition, and as time goes by you would definitely need to regrip your racket. After frequent use, your tennis grip can start getting uncomfortable and excessively worn out and this can cause an arm injury and also make your racket get twisted. If you don’t know how to properly regrip your tennis racket, it can result in a lumpy and uneven grip. Most professional tennis players replace their racket grips between sets very quickly during a tournament. 

Different ways of regripping  a tennis racket

Before learning to regrip your tennis racket, you need to know the different types of tennis grips available. We have replacement grip, overgrip, basic grip, grip reduction, and grip addition, they all work in different ways and perform different functions when used on the racket.

Replacement grips:  these are grips used to replace your existing grip on your racket. Leather and synthetic grips can be used to replace your racket grip. When replacing your racket grip yourself you have to replace it correctly to avoid bumps, bulkiness, and unevenness. You have to take note that grips have staples at the bottom that holds them together, this might make it seem difficult to replace so you have to be careful when doing that. You don’t necessarily need to regrip with staples but be sure to do it accurately so it doesn’t fall apart.

Overgrip- overgrip replacement is easy than replacement grip, you don’t need to use staples or sticky tapes for the bottom, because they have a little amount of glue that helps keep it attached to the bottom. When you want to replace an overgrip all you have to do is pull the previous overgrip off then replace it with a new one. Overgrip is thin grips wraps that can go over a replacement grip, this way you would have a secured and relaxed grip.

Basic overgrip- the tennis racket is gripped with no visible bumps, it is gripped with accuracy with a full handle coverage that is neatly wrapped with finishing tape.

Grip reduction- some grips come in materials that can easily be reduced, you can remove fractions from each side to get a well-balanced handle.

Grip addition- if you feel your grip is too small for you and don’t want to abandon it for a new one, then you can add to your grip by using a special heat sleeve.



Steps on how to regrip a tennis racket

When you want to regrip your tennis racket yourself, you have to be really careful so as it grip it in a way you would be comfortable in when is not as hard as it seems, first, you would need the following tools for the regripping process

A narrow screwdriver and a needle nose plier

Staple gun



Grip tapes

Steps on how to regrip your tennis racket

Step 1: Remove the old grip- unwrap the grip by removing the tight rubber collar at the tip of the handle then get the narrow screwdriver or a needle nose plier to remove your old grip and staples right at the bottom.

Step 2: Make sure you clean the handle thoroughly till its free of any adhesive

Step 3: Remove the plastic from your grip tape, then take off the tape on the grip and put it aside for later use, look for the tapered side of the grip then remove the backing and peel it off.

Step 4: Start wrapping the tapered end of the tape around the handle starting from the bottom, however, your overgrip will determine how you wrap it. When you are about to start wrapping from the bottom avoid starting from the butt cap of your racket. You can also use a staple gun to secure the grip when you are about to start wrapping it around.

Step 5:When wrapping make sure the racket head is stable and as you rotate the racket slowly when wrapping, make sure you overlap the edges with about ⅙  inch each time when going around, this way it will prevent your grip from unwrapping and unwinding and this would also help you control the width and thickness of the grip because the tighter you wrap the thinner your grip will get. 

Step 6: Try and unwrap the tape backing as you go to prevent the grip from curling up and sticking together. 

Step 7: Keep wrapping your way up tightly and accurately until you get to the top of the handle. Once you get towards the end wrap the tape tighter in order to make it smooth.

Step 8: trip the excess of the tape off with scissors

Step 9:Secure the grip with a finishing tape to keep the top in place, cut the end of the finishing tape then stick it down.

Step 10: Slide back the rubber collar down to the top of the handle.

And that’s all, you have your easy to fix, newly regripped tennis racket, and always remember to make sure you secure your grip end the same way your old bevel grip was, so as to give you the same hold. When you want to replace the grip, you will go through these processes again.

How often do I need to regrip my tennis racket?

How often you need to regrip your tennis racket depends on how regularly you use it and it also depends on how much oil and dirt build-up from your hand to your grip when playing tennis, and also how smooth or rough your hands are. But asides from all these, when it comes to replacing your grip, you should do this between 2-3months, and for your overgrip, you should replace them every 3-6hours when playing. 

How to take care of your grips

Your rackets are usually kept carelessly in a place without much ventilation after absorbing moisture after playing and this can attract bacteria. Here are some tips on how you can take good care of your rackets

 Practice changing your grip when playing, learn how to change your grip fast within 2 minutes

Always air out your rackets after every game. When playing let them get some fresh air so the moisture can dry up faster.

Try to replace your grip as often as you can

Try and rotate your grips often when playing for a long time.


I’m sure by now, with the detailed steps written in this article on how to regrip a tennis racket and a little practice, you can now accurately regrip your tennis racket without needing professional help. After constant practice, you would know how to grip your tennis racket to your comfortability and feel.

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