What do Tennis Players Drink

What we eat and what we drink as humans are known to have a significant effect on us as it could make or mar us in several ways possible. It is not just about what we take into our body system but also when we take whatever and how we take them. For instance, we all know that water is good for the body as its usefulness cannot be overemphasized, but we also know and according to research, taking a glass of water is recommended but it is essential that the glass of water is taken before we eat. Now imagine a situation where you skipped that part of the ‘when’ (before eating) and decided that you would take the water after eating. The effect of this could play out in a number of ways but two of it is that your food may not be properly digested as your organs have to deal with the solid food that was received first. The second way it could play out is that you will likely be full already and won’t be able to take enough water, therefore, forcing yourself to take up to a glass of water at that moment could have a drastic and uncomfortable effect on your body. Hence, the reason water should be taken as and when due.

Furthermore, what we eat, when we eat and how we eat could also have its own effects on the body. This is why we have stated times of the day for each meal. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped for any reason, except of course in some drastic situations that require it. For someone who is involved in a kind of job that uses up energy, skipping breakfast could prove very devastating in that the calories that his or her body would use up will leave the body less capable of doing other things. Another instance of when to is when you eat very late in the evening. It is very likely that in this situation, you will find it difficult to get some sleep because the food had not had the time to properly digest and disseminate the essential vitamins to the parts of the body.

Many has been said about Tennis as a sport in that it is one of the popular sporting events and competitions around the world. When we see Tennis players, we enjoy what we see and the way we see them do what they do—talking about the movements, the skills they perform, and the various methods they employ in trying to outsmart and outplay their opponents so as to emerge the winner in the face-off. When we feed our eyes with all of these, we are usually quick to ascribe their performances to the training they usually have or have had before the match alone. In other words, we hardly give room to possibilities of other influencing factors that could have contributed one way or the other to the way they perform in the matches they played. 

We may not be able to absolutely tell which one, in particular, is doing the job at the particular moment but when we take a look at the performance of a tennis player in terms of his or resilience, we could tell that even though the training have their effects on them but the training do not do all the work but there are other contributing factors that support the training in even being obvious and able to be executed during the match. One of the factors is water.

The early parts of this article have talked about water and to some extent touched the importance of water to our daily lives as humans but what exactly makes water so important to the game? That’s a question we should ask. If we have been able to observe and pay close attention to tennis games, we would notice that there are usually two different bottles that the players drink from. One of those bottles contains water and it is made available for them because, without it, there is a very high likelihood that the players will not be able to see out the match to the end. 

Water is very important for the games in that it helps in tackling and getting rid of dehydration during matches. A tennis match could last up to an hour and within that period, the players will be playing with all of their strength, moving to the right and left, back and forth, swinging their rackets every step of the way. Asides what they would have eaten or drunk before a match, it is important that they get to drink water during the game because they would be burning large amounts of body calories with their efforts while playing, and this will could make them quite hungry in some cases too. So, in such a situation where they won’t be able to pause the match or take a break to eat some food, the intake of water will do just fine for the meantime until they finish the match and have all the time in the world to get some food.

Research has proven over the years that water could still suffice for food for quite some time and dwelling on water alone could even sustain a person for many days. This is also proven by some religious people who indulge in fast for as much as fifty (50) days while dwelling on water only. In other words, when tennis players take water when they are on break, the body is revitalized so much that they could get some of the strength that would be provided for food from the water they take, hence the necessity for having water close by during tennis matches. It would be a disaster if a player is dehydrated and can’t get any water to drink as it would tell on his performance in that he would be quite weak or somewhat sluggish but the moment he gets water to drink, he would feel so alive again like he had just been delivered from a dreadful sickness.

Just as water has it’s help that it renders in a tennis match, we cannot play down another substance that helps during matches to improve and sustain the players, which is an energy drink. The second bottle for tennis players usually contains energy drinks and the reason for this is not farfetched– to replenish their energies of course. There are times when a player will feel worn out already and won’t be able to focus properly on the game, hence the need for something to boost one’s energy. Let us relate this to some other scenarios and as found as well in other sporting events where you would see the coach motivating the players with words and by so doing, boost their energy which had seem almost drained before then. There is no denying that the mind is what is at play here and it shows the awesome power of the mind towards what we do but even at that, the body needs to be in a way refuelled for the sustenance of the human who possesses it.

In the category of food (known as classes of food), amongst all others, we say some kinds are more of body building in that they contribute to growth, the height and the general body mass of an individual. On the other hand, some kinds of food are regarded as energy giving because they act as sources of energy. That is, when we consume those kinds of food, our energies usually would be refreshed and increased.

Energy drinks generally provide the body with some essential elements which includes caffeine. These elements help to boost the energy by acting as stimulant in addition to helping to an extent against dehydration. It is possible that after taking water, a player would feel alive but not have as much energy as he had at the beginning of the match because at this period, fatigue would have been set in and the body would be in need of a rest and this is where the energy drinks come in. See it as a form of adrenaline but not as effective as adrenaline, however, could take care of the part where you need the energy to carry on. 


From the foregoing, it is important to note that regardless of the importance of taking water and energy drink during a tennis match, there are specific times it should be taken and this is the use of the breaks they get. The ‘when’ and the ‘how’ to take them should never be overlooked as the failure to follow through as necessary may cause problems for the player. In the same vein, the same way fatigue, thirst and the like are felt by different individuals is the same way the water and the energy drink especially vary in the way they work in individuals. The way the body of a tennis player is built is likely to vary from the way that of the other is built, hence the varying degrees to the effectiveness of the water and the energy drink in tennis players.

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